Optimizing Gains while Undergoing Building Envelope Renewals

BE_renewals.jpgNobody likes spending large sums of money on their assets when one or more building envelope assemblies have reached the end of their service life. Yet, major renewals are inevitable for long-term building assets. 
Minimal intervention is often tempting to minimize the immediate financial pain when faced with the burden of an expensive renewal project. However, the outcome is likely predictable based on how well the components have aged, occupant surveys, and past utility bills.

If there are no issues or concerns related to the existing assemblies; components can be replaced with like or the modern equivalent. However, if the assembly or components need replacement sooner than expected, operating costs seem high, and there are comfort issues then renewal time is likely a good time to upgrade. The incremental costs should pay for themselves over the life of the renewed assembly.

This article discusses how challenging the status quo for building envelope renewals and how exploring the opportunities to improve performance can provide financial dividends to long-term owners and operators of large buildings.

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