Morrison Hershfield Engineer Deployed To Maui With Hurricane Disaster Relief Team

Tropical Storm Olivia is headed toward Hawaii and so is Morrison Hershfield Telecom Structural Engineer, Shawn W. Stevenson.  Shawn is a member of the FEMA Washington State Task Force 1 that recently deployed to Maui in anticipation of a coordinated government response to the storm to prevent terrain issues and health concerns for local residents.

Shawn Stevenson SelfieWhile in Maui, Shawn is tasked with completing pre-storm structural assessments and mitigation plans for certain buildings and non-structural assessments (backup power, unbraced architectural and mechanical components, unanchored fuel tanks, etc).  Shawn will also help with the team’s emergency evacuation plan by supporting the assessment of flood plain and storm surge inundation zones.

Shawn has had previous deployments as a structures specialist with various first responder emergency rescue teams. He has provided real-time structural guidance during live-event partial building collapse emergencies and a large scale disaster. His passion for structural engineering emergency response is crucial at these times. 

We thank you for your efforts and wish you and the team a safe and successful mission.

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