2019 Commuter Challenge

Did you leave your car at home during the week of June 2 – 8? 

Commuter Challenge 02 nolan fitspatrick calgaryThe Commuter Challenge is a national week-long event with a strong workplace focus, where employers are encouraged to promote more sustainable commuter modes like walking, cycling, in-line skating, public transit, carpooling and teleworking.

Sustainable commuting at Morrison Hershfield

At Morrison Hershfield, sustainable commuting is not a one week pursuit. Reducing our commuting and transportation impact remains one of our most significant environmental opportunities and as such, we have several company-wide efforts in place to reduce our collective transportation impacts. Proximity to public transit is a consideration in the selection of our office locations. We encourage and help facilitate carpooling to and from work and for other work-related travel. Many offices include amenities that enable sustainable commuting options, including charging stations for employees with hybrid or electric vehicles, bike storage and bike repair stations. We also have a telework program and use videoconferencing equipment to reduce the need for long-distance travel for internal and client meetings and events. 

Why participate?

Active and sustainable transportation is encouraged all year long, but participating in the Challenge is FUN!  For one week, the Commuter Challenge measures and tracks the impact of each registered participant and the cumulative impact of each registered workplace on the environment.  It increases awareness, creates a little friendly competition within and between workplaces and cities, and provides an incentive for commuters to try something new.

Thanks to the efforts of the 17,472 individuals who took part, 233,283 kg of CO2 was avoided during the week.  Choosing sustainable commuting methods promotes employee wellness, decreases air pollution, reduces traffic congestion, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

How did we do?

Morrison Hershfield registered all of our offices for the Challenge again this year.  We had over 120 employees from 13 offices across Canada, the U.S. and India participate.

Our Calgary office had the highest participation rate among Morrison Hershfield offices with 65% of staff taking part.  This also happened to be the highest among all workplaces in Calgary!  Congratulations to the Whitehorse office who boasted a 54% participation rate, second highest at Morrison Hershfield and first among workplaces in the City of Whitehorse!

Our impact

haley Huxley Calgary teleworkAs a company, Morrison Hershfield walked
220 km, cycled 1647 km, carpooled 1247 km, skateboarded 2.1 km, scootered 87 km, used public transit for 1686 km and telecommuted 3774 km.  In doing so, we burned
63,000 calories, saved over 2000 litres of gasoline, and avoided 4000 kg of CO2.

Some of the notable achievements of individual Morrison Hershfield staff during the week included:

  • Most kilometers by bike: 202 km
  • Most kilometers by transit: 360 km
  • Most kilometers walked: 39 km.
  • Most alternative travel modes used: Six, including bicycle, carpool, telecommute, walk, skateboard and transit.
  • Most kilometers saved by telecommuting: 565 km
  • Most fuel saved: 53.68 litres
  • Most GHG avoided: 117.29 kg
  • Most innovative commute: Skateboard!
Morrison Hershfield is a market leading, employee-owned professional engineering and management firm that has been making a difference since 1946. We deliver technically sophisticated, cost effective and sustainable infrastructure solutions across the globe.

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