Earth Day 2021: Advancing Morrison Hershfield’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. On this day, Morrison Hershfield is excited to release our third formal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.

CSR is important to Morrison Hershfield, our clients and partners, and our communities. The publication of an annual CSR report demonstrates our ongoing commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Recognizing our potential impact

As an engineering services firm, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to incorporate sustainability into our projects and our operations. We strive to help our clients meet their sustainability goals as we positively impact the built and natural environments, and in turn support the communities they serve. We are also committed to understanding and improving our own carbon footprint, and pleased to report that over the last ten years, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint per employee by 41%.

Making a difference

Engineers, planners and design professionals face numerous challenges. The projects we design today must meet our clients’ requirements and provide resiliency to future climate change. Our ability to apply innovative and sustainable design practices and technologies to address these challenges is crucial to our long-term success.

Over the last year, we were involved with some of the most sustainable projects across North America and beyond. Some targeted stringent zero-carbon and Passive House standards, others assessed and mitigated expected fugitive emissions in landfills or examined the impacts of infrastructure on native/endangered species and their habitats. We must focus on developing approaches that support forward-thinking, sustainable designs that perform optimally and at a reasonable cost.

Morrison Hershfield Corporate Social Responsibility Report

MH CSR Report 2021

Our CSR report highlights opportunities we have to create value for our clients, our company, our employees and the communities we serve. It touches on how our Innovation and Sustainable Design practices help us meet our clients’ needs and extend our environmental and social impacts beyond our walls.

We are excited to share our progress with you! Read about our thoughtful approaches to our People, Culture, Capabilities and Practices. We want to ensure that we are attracting and nurturing our talent, keeping our people safe at work and promoting efficient and socially responsible habits in and out of the workplace.

Our full CSR report is available here.




Morrison Hershfield is a market leading, employee-owned professional engineering and management firm that has been making a difference since 1946. We deliver technically sophisticated, cost effective and sustainable infrastructure solutions across the globe.

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