Eight Benefits of a Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

sqap-benefitsA quality assurance program (QAP) is specifically developed to ensure installation meets the applicable standards and the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

As the quality of the final product is dependent on the installer, a site quality assurance program (SQAP) is required to provide assurance of compliance in accordance to the manufacturer installation standards as well as other applicable standards.

While there are many benefits to having a Morrison Hershfield QAP, here are the top 8:

  1. Commitment to quality. An ongoing commitment to excellence and providing unparalleled customer satisfaction through delivery of the SQAP. The QAP ensures that products meet the installation standard and the installers have been properly trained, evaluated and certified in accordance with applicable standards.
  2. Real time feedback. The installation process is documented from start to finish. Daily work records provide real time feedback on product field installation.
  3. Knowledgeable installers. Morrison Hershfield’s Site Quality Assurance Training Program provides assurance to the users that the products are installed by appropriately trained and knowledgeable installers that fully understand their responsibilities.
  4. Risk mitigation. The QAP adds credibility to the products and increased level of installation conformity for the general contractor, owner and design team.
  5. Conflict resolution. With a third party managing the QAP, the design professional and building owner can leverage Morrison Hershfield to resolve installation conflicts.
  6. Building consultancy expertise. As an internationally recognized leader in the building envelope field, Morrison Hershfield has direct knowledge of the issues involved with creating high performance building envelope systems and can provide unparalleled expertise and partnership to better achieve business goals.
  7. Proven track record. Morrison Hershfield has the track record and experience in providing SQAPs at the highest level. We have developed, implemented and successfully been managing SQAPs for over a decade.
  8. Existing infrastructure. As one of the largest engineering consultancies in Canada and offices in US, Morrison Hershfield has the presence and geographical footprint to provide the SQAP on a North America-wide basis.
By Morrison Hershfield | September 4, 2015 | | 1 Comments
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